Growth in the waiting

If you know me, you know that I desire to be married and I pray quite a bit, well every day for my future husband. When I was younger, in my early 20s my prayers looked more like “ God, please send me a husband that’s cute” 🤦🏻‍♀️ But throughout the years they have progressed, I’ve become more patient in this season of waiting and growth. I started praying for more specific things like “ Lord, may he know and serve you, may he be loving and kind, be emotionally and financially able to lead us, etc etc”. When giving the wait to the Lord and trusting in him fully, he has at times put specific things on my heart that maybe my husband had going on or struggling with. So I’d pray “May he be patient and trust You and the wait, when struggling that he looks to you and has faith in the future. May he break off any relationship or friendship that is wayward or influential in a negative way” 

As I am finishing up my 29th year on this earth( I’m holding on tight to 29!)and still very much single, I’ve again found my “future husband” prayers evolving in this season. I still pray everyday for my dear and our future and for his journey and life before we become one but I’m taking time to look at myself in the mirror. Am I the woman my husband needs? Am I prepared to be a wife? I want my husband to be emotionally/financially ready but am I? Can I be or provide all the things this man needs to be successful? For us to be successful? So I started praying for my future husbands wife, myself! to be all that he needs, I pray for us as a unit, as a team and when we become one that we are just that, one! A covenant that God created. 

Soooo this weekend I was at a Men’s encounter and not a participant obviously 😂 I was in the back making sure everything ran smoothly! I have served at a men’s once before but had tuned out most of the teaching. This weekend however I periodically tuned in to what Pastor was saying and one in particular caught my attention. Actually I hadn’t planned on listening in and I was the middle of listening to a podcast when it randomly stopped and I noticed they were talking about Marriage. So my marriage longing heart was like oh yess let me see what these men are discussing! 😂

My takeaway is that Men need respect over anything else, I as a wife crave affection but what my husband will thrive on is my respect for him. When I look at the couples that I aspire to be like in the future they all share the common denominators of wife respecting husband and husband loving and being affectionate to wife! 

One other Takeaway from the weekend is that men cry and they share emotions! SHOCKING! I was raised in the belief that tears and really any kind of emotion is weakness. I even remember at one point in my teenage years being told “you’re a Lockett, we don’t cry”. It’s taken me 29 years to break that and i now 100% believe that it’s quite the opposite! It takes bravery and strength to cry out and show emotion, And right in that moment of clarity and truth I said to God “ father please never be there a moment where myself and especially my husband not feel free to shed tears in happiness or sadness. That we be 100% transparent with each other in all emotions, and that I as a wife support and respect my husband”

I’m just going to say, ladies seeing men praising God together, praying together, shedding tears, supporting and hugging each other is such a beautiful thing and it’s so sad to think that the world has brainwashed us to think it’s not masculine. I look forward to marrying a guy that’s man enough to cry it out! 😊

So I know Im rambling along but I just want to always encourage others in the season of waiting or longing to be married. We always see things that encourage us to pray pray pray for our future spouses but we often forget to get ourselves in the right place to be the other half of the equation! I also want to challenge people to be vulnerable and share your heart! 

Marriage fever strikes again

As encounter season approaches, I start getting major marriage fever.

There is nothing more amazing to witness husbands and wives breaking chains, worshipping together and Watching relationships make complete turnarounds in a weekend! It blows my mind and truly shows the miracles that God Can Do and Wants to do in our lives and in our world! I also get the joy of watching couples in ministry and how they interact with each other, how they support each other, minister together, worship together and it encourages and gives me hope. In this world and in my generation, I’ve seen so many marriages thrown together, rushed and after the honeymoon ends I’ve witnessed the heartache and pain that friends/family have go through when the relationship crumbles. So to see couples so rooted in Christ, seeking him first in everything and supporting each other through thick and thin it makes my heart happy 😊

I love the season I’m in right now, I’m still kinda young 😂, single and absolutely loving life. I have traveled, have a great career, support myself 100% and I’ve been blessed beyond belief! I’m so thankful for all that God has given me, for his never ending love and presence in all that I do! I am complete in him and know nothing will ever be able to fill his spot in my heart and in my life.

But I wanna be married, Oh how I long to be married, I just can’t wait to be a wife!

I want nothing more than to be able to support, encourage and love the man God made for me. I want to worship, pray and change lives with this man, I want to dance around the kitchen and cook dinner with this man. I want to travel the world, meet people, try new things. I just can’t wait to love him and be the wife he needs me to be and see what God has planned for our lives!

I’m not naïve, I know life will throw us curve balls and it won’t always be easy. But I have faith that this time we’ve spent praying and preparing ourselves will give us the patience and love needed to make it through the times where we feel like we are on totally different pages or whatever else try’s to derail us.

Wedding Season and 1 am thoughts

In this weekend of endless scrolling through pictures of literally everyones wedding( I’m pretty sure there are only like 5 of us single folk left) it’s super easy to start feeling a tad jealous especially as a 29 yr old Jesus loving girl.



I love weddings and always have, I watch all the shows, have Pinterest boards and dream of being a planner someday. For years and years I planned my perfect wedding, every single little detail down to the napkins and pocket squares the groomsman would wear. I don’t know the exact moment that my heart changed, but the more I pray for my husband and our future, the wedding itself becomes less and less a focus.



We have become a generation of gorgeous and elaborate “instagram” weddings. We are putting so much effort in planning and preparing for that ONE day, But what happens after the wedding? What are we doing to prepare for marriage, for our lives after we say I do?



I’m no expert and honestly I have no experience in relationships at all🤦🏻‍♀️ What I do know is that I haven’t met my husband yet but I love him fiercely. I pray for him and our marriage more than I’ve ever prayed for anything in my life. I pray that when we profess our love before God and become one, that even in the storms and trials we face we are just that. “One” a team, a covenant that can’t be broken. I pray that we are world changers, that we save lives and bring Gods love to all those we encounter. I pray and have faith that we can break the chains of divorce in this generation. That through our endless pursuit of God and each other, we can bring hope and courage to those who thought all was lost.



I just want to encourage you all to look beyond the wedding, the honeymoon and look at what you want to see happen in your marriage. Spend more time preparing for the battles the enemy and the world will throw at you and less at what songs your guests will enjoy most or what signature drink you’ll serve.