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Oh Bruschetta

So this May/June I made an epic journey through Europe one plate of bruschetta, whoops I mean country at a time.

First stop was Lucerne Switzerland, at A little cafe by the lake. It was heavenly, although I thought every second of our 24hrs in Switzerland was pure heaven.

Next stop, Italia! We hit up Rome first, a quick one day stop but enough time for a plate tortellini and bruschetta. This cafe was right in the city center and had amazing food and gelato! I can’t wait to be back in Rome for a full week next month!

Venice, I ate spaghetti for both lunch and dinner, tried to enjoy wine and stuffed my face with another amazing plate of fresh bread, tomatoes and basil.

Last stop on the bruschetta tour was Turin, Italy. Our time here was super short due to the Italian government going strike and canceling flight but we did have a great meal and stayed in an amazing Airbnb. We ordered personal pizzas as a main dish and ended the meal with quite possibly the best cannoli my mouth has ever encountered.

While it would make sense that the best bruschetta award would go to Italy, my vote for this trip actually goes to Switzerland. The tomatoes and basil mixture was the best and the freshest. But I’m heading black to Rome next month and plan on spending the week finding the best bruschetta in the city!

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You guys

I’ve cut out all sugar, carbs and caffeine from my diet. Im going to die. Today is day two and I’m already over it, my head hurts so bad from the withdrawals and I’ve been hungry all day. I’m not a pleasant person and I kinda feel bad for my class. 

But this will be good, I live off of sugar and caffeine and it’s not healthy so I’m starting with the diet part then after I have made this a habit I’ll add in more exercise. I have a goal and several of my coworkers are “dieting” as well so I have a support system! I’m not built to be size 2 or even 10 but I can be much more healthy and cuter then my current state if being. 

I just need to make it through the first few weeks and withdrawals ūüė©ūüė©

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Hey Peeps

Hey you guys!

I think its best to start with letting you all know who I am and what I’m all about. I not exactly sure how this all works but after being told by numerous people¬†¬† “you should really start a blog or something” I decided I shall give it a try!

SOO I’m Amanda Marie ūüôā

I am 28 years old, in January I shall be starting the last year of my 20’s and I’m not sure how I feel about that yet. I’m a Jesus freak and owe all I have and do to him and his grace and mercy. I have awesome parents who are still married, 30 years which I am very¬†thankful for. I happen to be the eldest of their three children, which let’s go ahead and point out that the first child is always the best!

I just recently moved from my beloved Mountains and beautiful Asheville, NC to the rather boring flat lands of Rock Hill, SC. I miss waking up to marvelous views and have the blue ridge parkway less than a mile from my apartment but this was a career move and it will open many doors . I work for Wal-Mart as an Academy Facilitator. Basically I teach and train the hourly supervisors of our company. I LOVE my job and the company I work for, its been eight years and I honestly don’t ever see myself working for another company unless someone decides to pay me to travel!!

Speaking of traveling, it’s what I love. International, domestic, down the street, where ever. When I’m not working I’m on an adventure,¬†my¬†family jokes that they never have a clue where I’m at unless I’m checking in on Facebook haha¬†I truly LOVE life and love being able to see the world¬†and share it with others. Before my grandmother passed away she always told me to never stop exploring and posting bc it made her feel as if she was visiting places.

well anyway this is me, Amanda Marie. Well a little tidbit other wise I’d have nothing else to ever post about! Thanks for following and I cant wait to share life with you!!