3 days in Nashville!

I’ve been wanting to make a trip to Nashville for a couple months so when my boss said they needed someone to cover a class for two weeks in Nashville I jumped at the opportunity!! My schedule ended up being pretty full but I did get three full days in the city!

My company provided lodging and I was actually in Hendersonville, TN about 25 mins outside of downtown Nashville but it wasn’t that bad of a commute. However I have decided that if I had a choice or plan my own trip to Music City its best to stay as close to downtown as possible. Parking was absolutely overpriced, more so than any other city I have spent time in! On my last night there I parked for 45mins to catch the sunset off the pedestrian bridge and it cost me $15, I did find that parking in a few of the parking garages in the Gulch are free for the first hour and then not to expensive after that. So I would highly recommend staying downtown or close enough to grab and uber or lyft which there is no shortage of throughout. The whole area is very walkable as well.

Ok I must confess I’m not exactly a fan of country music and defiantly not anything from the last decade. I grew up with Tim McGraw and the Dixie chicks but outside of that it all sounds kinda silly to me, Hopefully I don’t offend anyone! So my trip to Nashville is everything you can see/do besides the Honky Tonk bar scene.

I’m a huge fan wandering off the beaten path and finding all the neat untouristy things a city has to offer. Of course I like to see the main attractions and what all the people are talking about but I feel you really get to know a city by picking one or two main attractions to see then letting the rest of the day happen organically. One thing I couldn’t pass up was the Nashville wings located in the Gultch. It’s a beautiful pair of intricately painted wings on the side of a building that people line down the street to get a picture of. I thankfully was one of only three people to visit this on a Thursday evening! I kinda wish I had a different outfit on and did a different pose but I’m thankful that I was able to find a stranger that would at least take my picture since I was rolling solo. One of my favorite things about my time n Nashville was all the awesome street art, it was everywhere and so neat! I would plan a trip back just to seek out all the murals!

Of course I can’t leave a city without visiting the local farmers market, they are my absolute favorite thing to do and see everywhere I go. The Nashville farmers market so far is my favorite market stateside, I made three visits and saw new things each time. I loved all the fresh produce and the smell of fresh strawberries filled the air, there were fresh flowers, meats and cheeses and pastries. At the end of the market was a greenhouse with all sorts of plants and trees and I hated that I couldn’t take them all home! In true Nashville fashion there was live music, fresh lemonade and a coffee truck. as well as an amazing food truck that you can read about in my Nashville food post! The market is located within the bicentennial park and capital mall, its a lovely park with great views of the state capital and the walkway is lined with a great timeline of Tennessee’s history. Parking is limited though and I had a hard time finding a spot on Saturday due to it being their busiest day.

I had fun exploring all the little areas and neighborhoods outside of downtown, Hillsborough Village is a hip little area with some great shops such as Pangaea and Posh. There is also the very popular Pancake Pantry and Jeni’s ice cream. I also enjoyed an area a little south of downtown, there is some great street art including the “make music not war” mural, a great floral war as well as the “I believe in Nashville” and the great stripped wall outside of Reese Witherspoon’s boutique DraperJames. I also stopped at five daughter bakery and just enjoyed walking the streets here.

On my Sunday I enjoyed a great service at The belonging Co, very spirit filled, great worship and the staff/volunteers were very inviting. I enjoyed the sermon greatly and loved how they seemed to really care for their community. After church I found myself in Greece, well I was in Centennial park but a life size replica of the Parthenon resides there. For $6 you can go inside to the art gallery and also see the massive gold statue of Athena. The Park boasts a lovely duck pond, walkways an open field for picnics and playground for the kids. There was also a food truck on the afternoon I was there.

I’m a big fan on supporting local business owners and small businesses that give back to their communities. I happened to follow a few Nashville owned businesses on Instagram so of course I had to stop by their shops and pick up a few goodies and Two of them happened to be on the exact same street. The Shine Project employees local teens and also helps with college funds as well as being a great Girl power and self love influencer. I follow Ashely on both her @theshineproject page and her clothing page and she is just overall an amazing woman that changes lives and encourages other through her testimony, you should defiantly check her out! they had all sorts of handmade jewelry, tshirts, banners and a few cute bags. Another great shop I stopped at is Project 615, they sell all sorts of tshirts and tanks with fun sayings and Nashville sites printed on them. They donate 100% of their profits to the community and help with housing and other needs. I also follow them on the gram and they do have some great sales on things each week!

In my short stay I was able to cover pretty much everything outside of the honky tonk that Nashville has to offer. I really enjoyed my time in Music city and I hope to venture back sometime soon and explore some of the other hidden gems it has to offer! Hopefully this helps you plan your adventure and feel free to ask for any other tips or anything!

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Lover of life, adventurer, daughter of the King, way tooo ADD and scattered at times. I laugh too loud, talk too much and post my entire life on social media. I'm a goal crusher, girl boss and here to change the world. I sing at the top of my lungs, drive with all the windows down and have watched pride and prejudice more then I care to admit. I belong in the mountains yet reside in the city and my hair is hard to tame. I'm random, I'm quirky, I'm just me Amanda Marie.

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