The Cliffs of Moher

After all my research and planning I kinda became overwhelmed by all the things I wanted to see and do in Ireland. I had a few days alone before my friend arrived for the holiday so I chose two day trips, both through Paddy Wagon tours. My first day was an amazing trip to the famed cliffs of Moher. We started out pretty early but the bus was super comfy and the driver John was entertaining. Our first stop was a bar at maybe 9am haha welcome to Ireland! I must admit, though I am over 50% Irish I don’t drink 🤦🏻‍♀️ and to my surprise they served only “Irish” coffee and hot chocolate, regular coffee but with a shot of Baileys lol

Our journey took us down the wild Atlantic way, a super beautiful but insanely curvy rd down the western coast of the Emerald Isle. It was raining the entire time but it was still so mesmerizing!

Before lunch we stopped at what they call the baby cliffs for a quick photo opportunity.

We stopped for lunch in a cute little town before heading to the main attraction of the day.

After half a day of talking about “the cliffs” we finally made it there. The weather was terrible!! The wind was so intense I had to hold on to the railing at times, the temperature was below freezing and the rain was miserable. But I can’t even begin to explain the beauty I saw that day, I had no doubt even in the most terrible weather why this is Ireland’s most visited sites.

There is about 5km of trails along the edge of the cliffs and I hope to return soon and in better weather to explore!

There is an entrance fee but through paddy wagon it was included in the tour price. They have a little museum and cafe as well as a gift shop and a little chapel.

It was so muddy and I was absolutely soaked to the bone but it was an amazing experience!

We made a few quick photo stops including a stop at a castle before heading home to Dublin.

I highly recommend if you are in Ireland to use Paddy Wagon for all your tours. They have very comfortable busses most including WiFi, the drivers are super entertaining and very knowledgeable and it was just a great time with great people!

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