Toronto Eats

First of all, I’m a pretty picky eater. Im always up to try things but unfortunately my mouth just rejects it all haha 

Toronto is known as being the most diverse city in the world, with less then 50% of actual Canadians. Making the city a huge melting pot of all sorts or ethnicitys, cooking styles and ingredients. 

While I haven’t been to Asia yet, walking thru one of torontos 3 China towns and Korea town transported me there. To me It seemed way more authentic then NYCs china town, but again I’ve never been so I’m just going off of my imagination and National Geographic. So many smells and sensations, from actual restaurants to the herb shops and markets. I hate to say I didn’t actually get to try any Asian dishes this trip but it’s at the top of my list for the next time! 

Another great Mecca of everything delicious, is the awesom St Lawrence market. I say it over and over but I really dislike the fact that we don’t have markets in the states.(I have a post all about the market, go check it out!) while there were an abundance of food options one particular restaurant was brought up in multiple conversations as well as other travel blogs, Paddingtons Home of the Oink. While they have many different options ranging from salads and soups to burgers and fish. Only one item was recommended by everyone, the peameal bacon sandwich. It’s peameal bacon, pork loin with a crispy crust on a kiser roll. Pretty tasty! I had cheese added and I also dipped it in the house honey mustard as recommended by the waitress. It came with coleslaw an amazing thick sliced pickle and perfectly crispy French fries. If in the market make sure you stop and grab one of these!!

My next food adventure was deserts, I’m a sugar fiend. Sooo I depend on Pinterest for almost everything haha especially for travel activities and food. My first stop for desert was Sweet Jesus, an ice cream joint. I’m a sucker for red velvet anything so if course as soon as I saw the red velvet milkshake I was sold. I hate to say though it was a bit anticlimactic after the blogs had hyped this place up😕 my milkshake was decent but nothing outstanding and it was a bit overpriced in my opinion. The raspberry sauce was what killed it for me and I like a thick milkshake and this was pretty melted but it was a fun little hangout spot and easy to find. 

My second day sweet treat was a beaver tail, another highly recommended Toronto treat. I stopped for one on the water front at a cute little red building that was half a gift shop and half a desert shop. 

I had never heard of a beaver tail before I started planning this trip. It’s a flattened fried pastry shaped like a beavers tail and you put whatever toppings you like on top. I chose the most Canadian topping they offered, maple 🍁 sauce and also some drizzled chocolate. 

Oh my gosh this was sooooooo good! It was hot, melted and ahhhhmazing! I want to bring this down south, people would love these. What made the whole experience was the view while enjoying the treat.

If you visit Toronto make sure to bring your appetite and your sense of adventure! I can’t wait to visit again and drive into their tremendous diversity and unique food options! 

Published by Amanda Marie

Lover of life, adventurer, daughter of the King, way tooo ADD and scattered at times. I laugh too loud, talk too much and post my entire life on social media. I'm a goal crusher, girl boss and here to change the world. I sing at the top of my lungs, drive with all the windows down and have watched pride and prejudice more then I care to admit. I belong in the mountains yet reside in the city and my hair is hard to tame. I'm random, I'm quirky, I'm just me Amanda Marie.

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