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Dear future husband, I’m ADD.

Dream future husband, I apologize in advance. I’m difficult at times, I can’t make decisions and when I do, I have anxiety that maybe it wasn’t the right one and go back and forth 100x. I love people and busy cities and bright lights but I have anxiety bc there is some much to try to see and do and I end up having sensory overload and need to hibernate for a few days. I can be messy(my apartment is a hot mess right now)but if everything is perfect all the time, what am I supposed to be doing? I’ll be bored!  
While the picture in my head of who or what you will look like has evolved over the years. The idea and goal of our marriage has never faltered. You are the one decision I can be 100% certain in. I care and pray so deeply for you and for me to successfully be your wife. I pray that you are a decision maker, strong willed and patient. I pray that I can calm the wild and never calm thoughts and ideas I have. I pray I can be nurturing and kind. I pray that you can break through this wall I tend to build up and love me unconditionally because that’s what I need to be successful. 


Lover of life, adventurer, daughter of the King, way tooo ADD and scattered at times. I laugh too loud, talk too much and post my entire life on Facebook. I'm a goal crusher, girl boss and here to change the world. I sing at the top of my lungs, drive with all the windows down and have watched pride and prejudice more then I care to admit. I belong in the mountains yet reside in the city and my hair is hard to tame. I'm random, I'm quirky, I'm just me Amanda Marie.

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