Madrid and Toledo 

The first stop on my European adventure was Spain! We hit two cities, Madrid and beautiful Barcelona and we stayed two nights in each location. I have always been an extremely picky when it comes to hotels or just where I’m sleeping in general if it’s not my own cozy bed, so I was a tad bit nervous when it came to letting my friend have 100% control over lodging. But he did an amazing job, we stayed and a straight out of an IKEA showroom flat in Madrid and it was adorable! It was a little further from town then I think we would have liked but hey walking 15 miles a day during vacation is fun right?!! 😂 
I wasn’t a huge fan of Madrid but I think that fact that the main reason the guys wanted to go there was for the Real Madrid futbol team and honestly I don’t get the sport. I think if I could see a live games it would change my opinion but until then it’s kinda boring. So we toured the stadium for what seemed like hours then we explored the city! 
We made our way to Plaza Mayor, it’s a giant square with little shops and cafes and there were all sorts of street performers and people watching and a must see, the plaza is right next to Mercado San Miguel. This place is a foodies paradise, tapas for everyone and just an enormous array of colorful foods and fresh seafood and drinks aplenty! I’m a crazy picky food person and eat like a child but I love seeing and experiencing new foods! 
We ended our first day at the most lovely park ever, I’m calling it the Central Park of Madrid. The park was massive so we only saw a small portion and I would someday like to come back and walk all the gardens and greens. The best part was the little lake, there was little paddle boats with cute couples on dates and swans and a little cafe on one side. There was a great monument with spaces to sit and watch the boaters, with bronze mermaid and lion statues. We sat for a little while and just enjoyed the sunshine and people and it was just a great ending to the day😊
The next day we took a day trip to the ancient city of Toledo. It was beautiful, super hot and beautiful, we toured a “castle” and just wandered through the cobble stone streets. The streets were so narrow that the few cars that we did see had stop and pull their mirrors in and still barely scraped through the streets! It was a lot of waking and lots of stairs but it was a great experience! 

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Lover of life, adventurer, daughter of the King, way tooo ADD and scattered at times. I laugh too loud, talk too much and post my entire life on social media. I'm a goal crusher, girl boss and here to change the world. I sing at the top of my lungs, drive with all the windows down and have watched pride and prejudice more then I care to admit. I belong in the mountains yet reside in the city and my hair is hard to tame. I'm random, I'm quirky, I'm just me Amanda Marie.

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