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Intro to Europe 2017

So I just literally walked in my door from an epic 20 day vacation in Europe!! I can’t wait to share and break down the entire trip for you but here is some background info and such!! So this trip has been in planning for 5/6 months or longer but I did no planning on my side haha my bestie is amazing and he did all the hard work! 
So before I left the states all I knew was that there were 5 of us going and a list of the countries we would be visiting. I can be such a control freak so just jumping in and blindly going along with this was way out of my comfort zone. But I’m so happy I did this because honestly it was the best trip ever and I would do it again in a heartbeat. 
So I live in South Carolina and all my travel companions Live in Costa Rica. So the first Step my vacation was to to fly to Costa Rica which until this trip was my most favorite place in the world. I still absolutely love Costa Rica and if you ever get the chance to go it’s on the most beautiful places on earth there’s just a little bit of everything in this little tiny country that’s only about the size of Rhode Island. 
I’m going to go further in depth about each city/country we explored in individual post but here is the list and stay tuned!! 
Madrid And Barcelona Spain, Zürich and Lucerne Switzerland, Rome Venice and Turin Italy, Prague Czech Republic, Berlin and Frankfurt Germany! 

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